Congratulations to our Confirmation Candidates who recently celebrated the
Rite of Enrollment.

This Rite is the first step in the Confirmation process and is a formal declaration before God and the parish of their intention to be confirmed.


Father James R. Nash

Director of Religious Education

Deacon Thad Wadas

CCD Program Coordinator
Char Golobek

Office Assistant
Joan Prestash

Len & Char Golobek, Baptism Ministry
Kim Cardone & Len Golobek, 1st Communion Instructors
Char Golobek, Confirmation Coordinator


Sophia Lukowski

1st Grade

Patty Tokash

Kelly Emmett

Kateri Ostraszewski

2nd Grade

Len Golobek

Kim Cardone

Kelly Roke

3rd Grade

Candice Yendrzewski

Heather Brassington

4th Grade

Alma Berlot

Linda Bezdziecki

5th Grade

Lisa Urbanski

Angela Higdon

6th Grade

Deacon Thad Wadas

Lucy D'Agostino

Gail Ann Gorski

7th Grade

JoAnn Mavus

Nancy Fine McCullough

8th Grade

Mary Dalmas

Lynn Coleman

Anthony Cicerchia

Saint Faustina CCD Staff - Updated 8/1/2018

Date for Confirmation has been chosen

Sunday, June 9, 2019

4:00 PM Mass

at the Main Site
​more details will follow.

CCD Faith Formation

Parish of Saint Faustina